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What you can do with different internet speeds

0-5 Mbs

  • Checking email
  • Music streaming
  • Regular website browsing
  • SD and HD video streaming

20-40 Mbs

  • Working from home using light apps
  • HD video streaming
  • Video calls
  • Online gaming

40-100 Mbs

  • 4K video streaming
  • Multiplayer online gaming
  • Downloading large files
  • Using home security
  • Using smart home devices

100-500 Mbs

  • Running a home office
  • 4K video streaming on multiple screens
  • Downloading large files quickly
  • Competitive online gaming

500-5,000 Mbs

  • Doing a lot of almost anything on many devices at the same time

How many Mbps do you need?

1 Mbs
1 Mbs
5 Mbs
Web browsing
Streaming music
3 Mbs
Social media
1 Mbs
5 Mbs
Streaming SD video
10 Mbs
3 Mbs
Streaming HD video
10 Mbs
3 Mbs
Streaming 4K video
25 Mbs
10 Mbs
Online gaming
100 Mbs
25 Mbs
100 Mbs
5 Mbs
1-on-1 video calls
25 Mbs
1 Mbs
Video conference calls
50 Mbs
2 Mbs